How to make your quilt

Your “quilt” can be traditional and sewn, OR it can be a sheet, canvas, tarp or any other fabric–ish thing. It can be painted, glued, collaged, etc, whatever makes you happy.

We suggest a 2’x3′ size because it’s easy to make and carry. And if you are joining your quilt with other quilts, it’s best to have a uniform, manageable size. If you want to join your quilt with others at some point, leave a 2-3 inch border on each side to sew them together.

The Message is up to you, BUT it has to support Voting Rights and be positive.(and keep it clean for the youngsters). You can use a saying you like, portray a voter you admire, or other images that lift you and voting up.

Photograph the quilt, and/or you with the quilt, and send it to this site. Also include some info: your name, town, other thoughts, who you hope sees your quilt.

Use this form to submit your quilt!

Together, we can join a great legacy and protect voting rights for all!