Here’s What You Do

Making a Voting Rights Quilt is easy:

  • Think about Voting Rights – your concerns, inspirations, slogans, images, s/heroes. Brainstorm with friends and kids. Imagine how to put your idea onto fabric.
  • Make a quilt! (2’x3′ optimal size). Get hold of a piece of fabric and work on it! Sewing, gluing, painting, embroidering, wiring, etc — any and all methods are great! Simple or complex, alone or with your pod or kids, at a machine or on the floor — all OK!
  • Take a photo of your quilt and send it to us. Become part of a national movement!
  • Bring your quilt panel to a demonstration in your town! Carry it alone, or join with other panels to create a multi-statement! Be sure to call the press about your quilts, or find the cameras when you get to the protest. Take selfies with the quilt, especially with public figures. (Send us good photos of this!)
  • Make a postcard of your quilt to send to Congress, your state legislators, or anywhere!