About the Voting Rights Quilt Project

Hi y’all! Welcome to the Voting Rights Quilt Project!  

We are activist quilters who started this project for everyone who supports our American Right to Vote.  We honor the many women and people of color who fought for this right, and those who have protected it. We think Voting Rights should be expanded, and not diminished, as many states are trying to do. We support national voting rights legislation to expand and protect all Americans’ right to vote.

We are quilters, and we know the Power of the Quilt!  We have taken our message quilts to demonstrations, posted them in our yards, shared them with the press, and sent thousands through the mail as postcards. We take inspiration from the AIDS QUILT, sewn and seen by millions around the world. Quilts can command attention, they can change hearts and minds. And our Voting Rights messages need to be seen by our elected leaders!  

That’s why we made this site. We hope fabric artists will join the Voting Rights Quilt Project, and create and share their quilts, as part of this local, and national movement. 

AND, guess what?! You don’t have to be a quilter to make a Voting Rights Quilt!